Pyramid Solitaire: A popular online card game

If you want to play one of the exciting card games then you can play Pyramid Solitaire. In the beginning, you have 28 cards scattered on the table with face up. The residual cards of 52 card deck remain in Draw Pile towards the upper left. Towards the game end, it is up to you to start playing the game by clicking the button of play alone on the final screen. You can remove the cards, by just making a click for two cards which add up to a score of thirteen. These cards are laid out in the form of a pyramid and you will be allowed only three minutes for clearing the board.

The six of hearts will be having a worth of six points, the ten of spades will be having the worth of ten points. Jacks will have the worth of eleven points, queens will be of twelve and Kings of thirteen points.

You can click only those cards which are not covered by some other card. If you face a situation where you are stuck up, then you can make use of face-up card from the Draw Pile. You can choose additional cards from Draw Pile to play with. You should try and reveal cards from the draw pile individually and reveal them in the sets of three. The game comes to an end when every single card has been removed from the pyramid and you will be the winner.

So what are you waiting for, enjoy playing Pyramid Solitaire today.